Love to detail: display construction and prototypes


Whether as an additional presentation area, highly specialized built-in part, as part of the stand concept or as an independent eye-catcher, displays and prototypes developed for brand appearances always require one thing above all:

Love to detail

A whole range of requirements and ideas should be developed for multiple use in a short time and with the best possible price / performance ratio.

Sustainability, durability, transport size, weight, surfaces, and the perfect execution of the details are keywords that come up again and again. In the end, the deciding factor is often the good price within the customer budget.

In order to design a coherent display to match the requirements of the respective customer, our interior designers and master joiners work in close cooperation with the customer.

3D visualizations and prototypes are created. At the end of the process, there is a series-ready display that is optimally tailored to the customer.

Our two following project examples from this year show that a display can upgrade any exhibition stand, or even as a soloist for smaller events and conferences, offers a quick alternative to complex stand construction:

1. Exhibition stand for gas measuring equipment / MSA Safety Challenges:

Complex connections, heavy exhibits, complex cabling with sophisticated cable routing, very short production times, international use / shipping. We had just 4 weeks from the first concept sketch to the finished display. The elaboration of the details was a special challenge.

Due to the complex cabling, exhibits weighing up to 25kg must remain on the stele even during Europe-wide transport. This means that it can be used directly without any assembly effort.

In order to reduce transport costs, the stele (including the packing box) must not exceed the size of a Euro pallet.

The box can be disassembled so that it can be stowed away to save space during use. The Euro pallet used for transport forms the base of the steel and is clad with panels without tools.

The exhibit stele in the dark decor emphasizes the exhibits particularly well. Accents in green were painted according to customer specifications to match the corporate design (RAL). A built-in spot illuminates the writing surface. Writings and logos were foiled.

2. Illuminated wall with cutouts / BE Power GmbH challenges:

Modular design, short production time, free-standing Eight square, yellow-green lacquered exhibition cubes are distributed in different sizes on the wall of the exhibit.

Each cube is illuminated with a furniture installation spot. The cubes protrude slightly over the wall on both sides, this detail emphasizes the cubes and simplifies production.

Painted feet made of 12mm flat steel to match the color of the wall surface give the 2.5m x 2.0m wall its stability without stealing the show. The feet can be mounted in the middle or only protruding on one side. This allows the exhibit wall to be placed freely in the room or directly on the edge of the stand.

A clever detail is the fastening of the toughened glass panes over grooves. This saved costs for special glass fittings and did not impair the visual appearance of the cubes.

After the trade fair, the imposing wall can be divided into two segments and transported safely to the next location in the custom-made transport box.